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Although emissions levels in Europe have been decreasing over the last few decades, air pollution is still too high in many parts of Europe. In fact, the European Environment Agency estimates that 90% of Europeans that live in cities are exposed to air quality levels detrimental to their health. In addition to this, air pollution is also harmful to our surrounding environment and the ecosystems that support us. Accurate, local air quality monitoring networks are therefore necessary in order to help cities combat the negative effects of air pollution and begin making improvements.

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About the movement

Let’s #RepairTheAir together! Airly monitors air quality in 30 countries. Together we can make the threat of air pollution more visible, take actions to help solve its problems, and improve quality of life for people all around Europe. Thanks to the citizens of Romania and our partner Philips, we built at network of 115 Airly sensors in 18 cities last spring.

Why?Everyone wants to know about the air they breathe. In 2019, in Bucharest, we recorded 126 days when the daily average concentration of PM2.5 exceeded the permissible standard (according to WHO recommendations of 25 μg / m3).

How it's work?

Our sensors deliver real-time data about air quality near you. You will get a notification when air pollution in your area has exceeded safe levels.

Air quality monitoring gives you:
  • Ability to smartly plan your outdoor activities
  • It can help the authorities to take steps towards making improvement in case of air quality
  • It will encourage people to reduce emissions of air pollution when there is a threat of bad air quality Help us install more sensors so we can continue to provide you and your neighbours with essential information on air quality.
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Great campaign! Finally, we have a sensor in my city.
I gave a donation because I care about my family.
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